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Shadetree Wine Glasses

Shadetree Wineglasses are perfect for sipping your favorite wine. These wineglasses are hand sculpted out of solid blocks of black walnut, in small batches, by expert artisans. Stemmed in clear poly carbonate with a matching black walnut base and finished with an FDA approved, sealing varnish on the wood, these glasses are sure to bring an air of sophistication to your next event!

Since these wine glasses are made of wood, the grain and pattern on every glass is unique. Please understand that the pair you receive may not look identical to these. These glasses come in sets of two, with the gift box shown here. 

Care instructions: Upon receiving these, please wash first before using, always hand wash in warm soapy water. 


Common Questions!

Do the glasses make the wine taste different? I would say the entire experience of drinking wine is a little different with these glasses. They have a much different mouth feel, and you get a much different visual experience because they are obviously not see through. The wine does not taste different, but it does feel different! 

Do they Stain from red wine?Absolutely not! They are sealed so that there should be no wine absorbed into the wood.

Are they harder to break then glass?This is a tough one! We would recommend trying to be as careful with our wood glasses as you would be real glass. To make these as usable as possible, we have had to make the wood very thin at the sides, which provides a better drinking experience, but it does allow for some fragility in the construction.


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