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Who is the Shade-Manatee?

The Shade-Manatee lives in us all....


Your inner Shade-Manatee is the part of you that loathes to fade into the background. He loves to be center of attention, the life of the party, the trendsetter. Your inner Shade-Manatee doesn't give a shit if you're in a corporate setting, a teacher, or if you work with your hands all day. All he asks is that you subtly, be different.

Thankfully your Shade-Manatee is considerate, he's not advocating that you dye your hair green and spike it straight up. Yes, he wants you to stand out from the norm, but he also wants you to keep your job. You can often see the Shade-Manatee coming out in the form of an bright pair of socks at that 9 am business meeting, a backpack that has no business being paired with that suit, or maybe a pair of cowboy boots subtly hidden under a pair of bluejeans.

Shadetree brings you the newest addition to your arsenal of personal identity with our responsibly sourced, meticulously hand-crafted sunglasses. Designed to fly under the radar to most, but able to grab the attention of the select few who look close enough.

Do right by your inner ShadeManatee and grab your pair today!


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