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The Story of Shadetree

The story of Shadetree begins in a pretty ordinary way, I suppose. I had nodded off again at some point during my two hour bus commute into New York City and awoke abruptly to find that I was just about to miss my stop. Great news. So, I jump up and run off the bus, eyes still half closed, and end up on the busy sidewalk squinting and trying to pull myself together. Coincidentally, for all my rushing and panic the bus happened to be stopped right next to me at a red light for a few more seconds, how nice. Then, just as it began to dawn on me that I was definitely missing my favorite pair of shades, the light turns green and the bus hurriedly drives away. Could I have ran down the street and tried to chase the bus? Sure, but I had more dignity than that, I would suffer my loss in silence.

Not having much of a choice, I set out to find my next pair shades that would match my tastes and individuality. But the more I searched, the more I found that what I wanted from a style perspective lacked what I longed for in terms of quality, budget, and environmental awareness. I was looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses to match the crazy socks I love to wear to work that are able to fly under the radar, but still garnish attention from those who looked close enough.

What began as a chaotic morning transcended into an idea for creating a brand new line of everyday, Eco-friendly, wooden sunglasses. They say the best entrepreneurs endeavor to "scratch their own itch". And while I am far from saying I belong in that category, I certainly understand how much more enjoyable life becomes when you are making a product that you yourself would love to wear. Together with two of my good friends Scott and Chas, that idea has become something real, and we can't wait to bring more of our ideas to life. 

Powered by passion, promise, and the grit and grace of small business roots, Shadetree Sunglasses aims to protect your eyes without sacrificing your individuality - or our rain forests. All of our eye-wear is handcrafted from responsibly-sourced wood, upholding our belief in the power of small community and the necessity of an environmentally-friendly product.

The FDA estimates that in 2014, Americans purchased over 300 million pairs of sunglasses. Over 91% of these sunglasses are made of petroleum-based plastics, equating to almost 160,000 pounds (80 tons) of plastic that will eventually end up in landfills. Our sunglasses help to reduce that environmental burden.

 A big thank you to all who have helped us along the way.



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