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The Shadetree America Collection

July 13, 2018

The America Collection

Here at Shadetree, we take America seriously. One of the parts of our business that we have become most proud of is our America Collection. I wanted to use this Blog post to share some extra details about the models in this collection and provide some more background on how we hope to grow this line in the future. 

In the beginning...

Classic 'Merica - Limited Edition

There was the 'Merica Shades. This was our first stab at a Special Edition line of sunglasses, and they were a bold proclamation of our love for this great country. Definitely a little rough around the edges, and not at all for everyone. We were probably asked 1000 times that first year if we had anything that didn't have the word "Fcuk" on it. None the less, these were a big hit with friends, family, and ultimately with all of you, our customers. We donated a big portion of sales back to wounded vets and their families and we were extremely happy to have been able to do so. 

The Patriots come marching... 

The Patriot - Limited Edition America


When we launched our Patriot sunglasses, we just had no idea how popular these would become. With "Land of the free, Because of the brave" scrolled into the inside of the frames, these became a tribute to all the hero's that serve in our armed forces.  And then Matt from Demolition Ranch came on board and helped us get the word out, and they absolutely exploded. They come in both a solid bamboo frame that floats, and also a laminated bamboo frame that tends to be a little slimmer and less bulky, each with its own practical uses. Once again we donated a big portion of sales to help wounded vets and their families, and the donation got even bigger! 

Approved for duty...

The Stealth Patriot - Stained Maple

Our newest Stealth Patriots grew out of the need to help service members who asked for a pair of all black America glasses. With the need to be able to wear them while in uniform, we set out to design a sick pair of shades that would live up to the standard of the two America shades that came before it. I am a little biased here because a lot of this was my idea, but I think the Stealth Patriot is our best design yet. With eye popping red, white, and blue on the inside and "We the People" Proclaimed loudly on the right temple, I don't think there has ever really been another pair of sunglasses like them.

If you take a look at the whole collection, you might notice that these are unfortunately a few dollars more expensive that the others in this collection, and I wanted to take a moment to explain why. We were able to offer the lower price on the other models mostly because they were made of Bamboo, which is a lower cost material. With the Stealth Patriots we used stained maple, which is much more expensive, these are probably the best value in our collection because all of the other shades that we offer with higher end woods are priced at 79.95! We ultimately decided against raising the price on them to 79 for consistency and also because we wanted them to be as affordable as possible to our core customers who come back every year to grab the newest edition.  

What does the future hold?

For at least the foreseeable future, we plan to continue stocking all four models in our America Collection. They are special edition, in that they will eventually be sunset, but I think we will try and have 3-4 models in stock at all time. I apologize if some of them are sold out at the point that you are reading this, but I can assure you that more will be coming soon. Please take a moment to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when something comes back in stock. 

We appreciate all of you and please don't ever hesitate to reach out with questions! I am usually always the guy on the other end of Sales@Shadetreesunglasses.com so it's never hard to reach me!


Founder, Shadetree Sunglasses


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