SALE!! The Midnight LadyBug - Real Cork Wood

It is said that if you look close enough, no two Ladybugs look exactly the same. Each individuals pattern can vary slightly in number of spots, color, and even shade of red. We like to say the same about our Midnight Ladybug Cork Wood Sunglasses. Up close, no two pairs will have the exact same pattern... but they will all come with a frame made from bright, color spattered Cork, Oak, and Red Sandalwood. We finish off these shades with polarized midnight black lenses.

All of our shades come with:

  • 100% UV Blocking Polarized Lenses.
  • High Quality Spring Hinges.
  • Ultra-plush Microfiber Soft Bag.
  • Laser Engraved Bamboo Hard Case.
Each pair of shades has their own unique pattern.  While they will contain similar colors and design, no two pairs will be identical and the product you receive may vary slightly in color pattern and wood grain.